Everything You Need to Know About Fire-Rated Doors

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Do you know the local fire departments respond to nearly 1.4 million fires, accounting for 3,500 civilian deaths yearly?

Over 15,200 civilian injuries have been recorded; almost $21.9 billion is estimated to go into property damages.

Just last year, a study from a fire department in the United States responded that they receive a fire breakout every 23 seconds.

As you can see, fire breakouts can be a huge problem and have serious consequences.

To protect oneself from such incidents, fire-resistant doors play a massive role in fire protection systems.

Today, we will help you learn about fire-rated doors & why you need them for your businesses.

What is a Fire-Rated Door? 

A fire-rated door is designed to slow or stop the spread of fire and smoke. They have specially designed features and the best material makeovers, which make them a smart investment option for homes & workplaces.

The term fire-rated refers to a door’s resilience against a fire spread. The longer a fire-rated door can prevent fire from spreading, the better they are in construction.

Fire-rated doors are available in the market in different levels and grades.

What Are the Different Types of Fire-Rated Doors? 

There are different kinds of fire-rated doors available in the market.

They are available in abundance and in a variety of styles. As the fire rating and level of protection of each door type increase, the price also gradually increases for each door.

For instance, an FD30 fire-rated door is built to resist fire for more than 30 minutes. Whereas an FD 30S can also resist the fire for up to 30 minutes and even prevent smoke from spreading.

Fire-rated doors are also available in different time stamps ranging from 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and as much as up to 180 minutes.

What Are the Requirements for Fire-Rated Doors? 

The laws and regulations regarding fire-rated doors can vary from state to state. It’s best that you check with the township, municipalities, and other government regulations.

This way, you can better understand what’s best suited for your particular location.

  • The unit must be self-closing.
  • The unit must be self-latching.
  • The unit must have a label attached.
  • The door frame must have an attached or embossed label.
  • The unit must have steel-bearing hinges.
  • The unit must have “listed” hardware.
  • The maximum glass allowed in 20 minute-rated door is 1,296 square inches per lite.
  • The maximum glass allowed in a 45 minute-rated door with a C or E label is 1,296 square inches per lite.
  • The maximum glass allowed in a 60 minute-rated door with a B label is 100 square inches per lite.
  • The maximum glass allowed in a 90 minute-rated door with a B label is 100 square inches per lite.
  • No glass is allowed in a 90 minute-rated door with a D label.
  • No glass is allowed in a 3 hour-rated door with an A label.

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Need a Fire Rated Door Made & Installed At Your Premises? 

Are you searching for a high-quality, fire-rated door to install on your premises?

If you’re seeking a door that works wonders, look no further than Door Master New York.

We offer some of the best fire-rated doors with sturdy build quality.

Our doors will prevent fire damage from spreading and, at the same time, they will also hinder smoke from spreading to different parts of your home.

Door Master New York is a certified and well-recognized fire-rated door installation service.

Our experts are highly trained and certified to install any grade fire-rated door at your home and workplace.

We can plan, design and install fire-rated doors as per your choice. Are you in need of a high quality fire rated door?

Feel free to call Door Master New York professionals at any time. Dial 917-979-4464 & get our certified fire rated door installation expert to install the best fire-rated doors at your property.

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