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Door Closer Repair Service in NY

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Door closer is a simple device with a range of benefits. The most evident one is that it increases security by making sure that the door is properly closed. This is essential in any business or public building where you want to limit access to other individuals. Door closers are responsible for controlling how fast or slow a door closes. They are designed in such a way that they prevent doors from slamming shut when left half open. While most door closers don’t usually get enough attention, they only do when they become non-functional.

Is the door closer installed at your NYC premises failing to function? Reach out to Door Master New York for door closer installation & repair services.

Why Install a Door Closer on Your Doors at Your Property in NYC?

Door closers can be installed anywhere. You may easily find them on restaurant doors, hospital doors, residential property doors and more. Installing a door closer can prevent fire from spreading & save many lives. Another reason for installing a door closer is to save energy. By making sure that the door is closed, you may never have to worry about energy loss whatsoever. Door Master New York is an expert when it comes to repairing & installing door closers. We have years of experience when it comes to installing & repairing door closers of different types. Our teams can easily repair a variety of door closer types for all kinds of residential & commercial properties.

What Are the Different Types of Door Closers We Can Repair?

Take a look at different door closers our teams can repair for you.

Surface Mount Door Closers: These types of door closers are usually found on doors which open inwards. Also known as conventional door closers, they are easy to spot thanks to their sheer size. They are available in different sizes, are inexpensive and relatively easier to install.

Concealed Door Closers: As the name suggests, these types of door closers are hidden from sight. They are often found on glass doors and aluminum doors. Concealed door closers are a lot more expensive than surface mount door closers, and can be quite difficult to install.

Overhead Door Closers: These are quite similar to surface mount door closers, with the exception that they are installed on doors which open outwards.

What We Keep in Mind Before Installing a Door Closer?

There are a few important things that we keep in mind before repairing or installing a door closer. For instance, if you’re in need of a replacement, we will first check the following.

  • Is it an interior door or an exterior door?
  • Does the door have a left-hand or right-hand swing?
  • Is the door closer mounted on the push side or the pull side of the door?
  • What is the average door width?
  • Are there any pivot hinges or butt hinges attached to the door?
  • What is the door made up of? Is it wood, hollow metal, glass or aluminum?
  • Is there any glass on the door where we have to mount the door closer?

These observations can help us to offer you the right product. Our professionals can perform a detailed inspection so you can have absolute knowledge.

After all, we want you to have all the knowledge about door closers.

Why Choose Door Master New York for Door Closer Repair in NYC?

Door Master New York is a professional door company where our experts can easily find the perfect door closer for your specific door type. Our teams are highly trained and have the absolute knowledge on which door closer type will best suit your door requirement.

Is there a specific requirement? We can help you find the perfect option. We learn about your door closer problem thoroughly and make sure to offer you the best advice. If there’s an option for repair, we will do our best to perform it, just in case, if the door is non-functional and in need of a door closer replacement.

When it comes to door closers, we are the right company for the job.

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