10 Common Door Problems and How to Fix Them

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A door can have multiple problems, even on the day it is installed. You can have hinging problems, latching problems, sticking problems, and many more. 

The question is, how are you going to solve these issues? In this blog, we will find the solutions to your common door problems and solutions. In case you need professional help, you can always search for door repair in New York.  

Hinging Problems 

Hinges are like the backbone of doors, as they control the door’s ability to open or close. If they are getting problematic get them repaired ASAP. The good thing is that they are not hard to fix. 

A common problem is a loose hinge that normally occurs naturally from daily usage. The solution to this issue is fairly simple, just retighten the screw using a screwdriver. 

Another problem is a squeaky hinge, just like the sound we hear in horror movies. To solve this issue, just get some olive oil or WD-40 and lubricate the entire hinge. If lubrication does not help, you may need to get a new hinge. 

Latching Problem

A door that cannot latch is not completing the job it was intended for. You can use some tricks to stop the door, like using something heavy, but that is not the proper solution. 

So, to find a proper solution, check whether the door fits the frame. Depending on its alignment, you may need to: 

  • Install longer screws 
  • Readjust the strike plate 
  • Or realign everything 

Remember that the door needs to contact the strike plate to function properly. 

A Drafty Door

A drafty door can make your home’s atmosphere uncomfortable. But on top of that, it can also increase your energy bills as it can make your HVAC work harder. For better guidance, you can always contact a professional or search for door repair in New York.  

To solve the drafting issue, you’ll first need to find out how the drafts are entered. Most commonly, it can happen because of two things. 

  • Worn-out weatherstripping
  • The door is unable to close flush against the frame

Commonly, getting a new weatherstripping will stop air from getting in or escaping from your home. However, if the problem persists, you may need to get a new door.  

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The Door Is Sticking

You can have a sticky door from multiple issues like a dirty hinge or a foundation issue. As there are multiple issues, it also has multiple solutions. 

When troubleshooting sticky door issues start with simple solutions. For instance, your first step can be cleaning the hinges. If that does not work you can dig a little deeper to find the exact sticking point. You can have multiple sticking points on your door, so you may need to address them individually.     

Misaligned Bottom Wall Plates

A door will be extremely difficult to flush against the doorstop if the bottom wall plates are mismatched. Try shifting the hinge or latch side of the door jambs into the same plane to see if that fixes the issue.

Another way to fix this problem is to tap the top of the jamb with a block and hammer to move the top portion of the door when you have screwed the latch side brackets into the wall.

Uneven Door at the Top

How can you fix your door if it is sticking at the top? 

You can have an uneven door at the top for either of the following reasons:

  • Installation not done well
  • The door hinge side is out of plumb

Now to solve this issue, take a level and measure the plum of the door. If the door is uneven because of the floor you may need to trim down the latch or the hinge side of the door. Measure the gap between the lower part of the door and the floor to know how much of the door side you should cut. 

Uneven Trim 

If the trim on your door is not fitting properly, you will need to inspect a number of components, from the casing to the hinges, to determine where the issue lies. You can also cut it with a miter saw if needed. You may also need to bevel it back somewhat to fit it into position, depending on how it was put.

Warped Door

When a door is continuously exposed to moisture it can begin to warp and stop fitting into the doorstop. To solve this issue first check if it is aligned with the plumb. Ensure that it moves along the same plane as the hinge of the door. 

Tip: If your door is damaged or warped, it is better to replace it than repair it. 

Door Closing Automatically

It is frustrating when your door keeps closing on its own. Commonly, it happens when the door is out of plumb, or it can also close because of the weight. 

If you want to refrain it from closing you will need to put in some resistance in the hinges. Just pick a hammer and create a bend on the top hinge. You can also use a spring hinge and adjust it to prevent the door from closing automatically. 

Rattling doors

If you’re facing rattling door problems, you can check the following options and see which one suits your problem:

  • Check the latch plate and adjust it 
  • Use self-adhesive foam pads to fill gaps
  • Use a piece of wood in the frame to stop the door

The last one is the most difficult solution, but it can stop your door from rattling.  

Need Help for Door Repairing? 

A door can bring up many problems. Even if it is newly installed it can show some inconveniences like rattling, uneven trims, or misaligned bottom wall plates. Luckily you can handle most of them as a DIY task. 

However, if you’re unable to find the perfect solution you should contact a professional. So, if you need a similar solution feel free to connect with Door Master New York.

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