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Do You Want Your Home Doors to Stop From Slamming?

A door that slams can often create an unpleasant noise. If you want to avoid experiencing your door hitting time and again, you should install a door closer. These are mechanical stoppers which stop the door from slamming shut and in turn do not end up causing any door damage whatsoever. A damaged door can be super annoying at times, but when you install a door closer, you can avoid such situations permanently.

Are you looking for a door closer to add to your residential or commercial property doors? Let’s have a call so we can discuss in depth & detail.

What Are the Three Common Reasons Why a Door Slams?

People Slam Doors: Sometimes people slam doors when they are angry to express their feelings. People often get resentful & hateful and in the wake of such anger, they tend to slam doors. A door closer can easily prevent this problem and keep your anger at bay.

Door Slams Due to Air Pressure: If there’s a strong air current, it can lead to door slamming. Even if there’s a small opening, the door can get shut due to the high pressure of air. This is one situation where door slams and door closure can be a great way to prevent this.

Mechanical Error in Door Alignment: If the hinges of your door are not aligned properly, it can lead to door slamming. This is a common reason why doors often get stuck and even a small awkward moment will compromise the door components resulting in a long-term problem.

What Solutions Can Prevent A Door From Slamming?

Installing a Door Stop: One way to prevent your door from slamming is by installing a door stop. This will block the door from moving too far and hitting the wall. It’s a good way to prevent doors from slamming, and installing a rubber device under a door will easily stop it.

Using Weather Stripping: A weather stripping can apply the perfect cushioning for the door. It will help to fill any gaps and block drafts that might cause the door to slam. It’s a seal that prevents the door from slamming which is used to cover the small holes & cracks.

Installing Storm Hinges: These types of hinges are made with a much stronger spring than regular door hinges. They will help to close the door slowly and prevent it from slamming shut. Storm hinges are a great solution but they can be a bit more expensive than other options.

Attach a Door Closer: A door closer is a mechanical device that is used to close a door. It’s installed at the top of the door and will slowly close after you slam it shut. At Door Master New York, we can offer you a wide range of door closer options for you to choose from.

Why Choose Door Closers from Door Master New York?

Door Master New York is a professional door company where our experts can assist you in choosing the right door closers. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from. Whether you want to install a door mounted door closer, concealed door closer or floor mounted door closer, we can help you. We deal in all kinds of door closer brands ranging from famous door closer brands. When it comes to installation, our teams can perform the installation process and can guide you through the whole thing.

We are certified & insured to perform the job and our experts can do it all. Want to learn how we install door closer to your doors?

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