Commercial Door Hardware Problems: Signs That It’s Time for Repairs

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They open for you every morning, encouraging you and countless others into a busy day. They secretly protect your company after hours, assuring its safety and security. But how often do you appreciate these doors as one of the most important parts of your commercial space?  

Commercial doors, together with their hardware, are essential for ensuring smooth operation of any business. However, like any component, they are subject to wear and strain. This blog will inform you of the most common issues with commercial door hardware. Allow us to provide you with the knowledge you need to keep your company’s entryway running well. 

What Are Common Issues with Commercial Door Hardware? 

Door Misalignment 

Think about the inconvenience of a door that scrapes the floor or becomes stuck midway. Misalignment is a common problem, frequently caused by loose hinge screws, sinking of the structure, or even poor installation. What are the unmistakable signs? There were uneven gaps around the door frame, creaking sounds, and difficulties opening and shutting. 

Worn-Out Hinges and Pivots 

The continual swing of a busy business door wears out its hinges and pivots. Over time, these components may loosen, become misaligned, or rusty. It leads to a shaky door and security problems. A screeching sound when opening or shutting the door is a clear sign that it is time to examine these components. 

Door Closer Issues 

The door closer is like the silent guard that ensures your door closes properly. But closers are not immune to issues. A malfunctioning closer might cause the door to slam shut or swing shut too slowly, jeopardizing security. A leaking closer is another red flag that indicates the need for repair. 

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Exit Device Malfunctions 

Panic bars, push plates, and other escape mechanisms are essential during emergencies. Unfortunately, these systems might fail due to misalignment, damaged springs, or general wear and tear. Regular testing of these devices is crucial, and any operational issues require prompt action. 

Electrical Hardware Troubles 

Modern business buildings frequently use computerized access control systems. These systems are convenient but may suffer from electrical problems like faulty wiring or defective components. If your key card reader isn’t detecting your card or the automatic door opener is slow, it’s time to call a commercial door repair service. 

What are the Signs You Need a Commercial Door Repair? 

Some hardware issues are obvious, while others may be more subtle. Here are several signs that your commercial door needs expert care. 

Having Trouble Opening or Closing 

A door that needs extra effort to open puts pressure on users and may indicate misalignment or hinge concerns. 

Unusual Noises 

Screeching, scraping, or slamming sounds are unusual and suggest worn-out or misaligned components. 

Uneven Gaps Around the Door Frame 

This indicates misalignment and could compromise weatherproofing and security. 

Security Concerns 

A loose door handle, a defective lock, or a malfunctioning exit device are all security hazards. If you detect any weaknesses, do not hesitate to contact a professional. 

Visible Damage 

Cracks in the door frame, twisted hinges, and broken weatherstripping are all indications of possible issues that must be addressed immediately. 

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How to Maintain Your Commercial Door Hardware? 

  1. By adopting preventive actions, you may extend the life of your commercial door hardware and avoid costly repairs later. This is a quick maintenance checklist: 
  2. Schedule regular inspections by experts to detect minor flaws before they develop into severe issues. 
  3. Keep your door hardware clean and debris-free. Lubricate hinges and other moving components using a silicone-based lubricant. 
  4. Proper door use goes a long way. Train your staff not to slam doors or hang heavy things from the knobs. 
  5. Weatherstripping provides a suitable seal and inhibits drafts. Inspect it regularly for damage and replace it as needed. 

Commercial doors and hardware are the silent engines of your company. Understanding problems, spotting warning signals, and following maintenance schedules will help guarantee your doors run smoothly, safely, and for years. After all, a well-maintained door is functional, and it shows professionalism and concern for your company environment. 

Ensure Smooth Operations on Your Commercial Door 

Door Master New York understands how defective commercial doors can affect your workflow. That is why we provide prompt and dependable repairs for all types of commercial door hardware. Our expert technicians are prepared to address any issue, from minor adjustments to comprehensive replacements. We prioritize minimal inconvenience to your business, and all our repairs are covered by a guarantee.

Don’t allow a defective door to disrupt your business. Call Door Master New York for reliable and efficient commercial door repair services in New York; we’ll have your doors back in working order in no time! 

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