Top Five Ways to Maintain Commercial Doors

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Your commercial door appearance is the first thing your client looks at and unconsciously generates an opinion about your business. Your commercial door needs to be functional and aesthetically appealing. Therefore it is imperative to keep your commercial door well-maintained.

Here are the top five ways to maintain commercial doors. Let’s dive in:

Focus On Regular Cleaning and Inspection Of Your Commercial Door.

Make a routine commercial door cleaning and inspection schedule for your Commercial Glass Storefront Doors. Clean the door, hinges, tracks, and other components regularly to avoid grime, dust, and debris buildup. Also, inspect the signs of wear and tear to keep your commercial door adequately maintained.

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Tips for Regular Cleaning and Inspection of Commercial Doors

Gather Necessary Supplies

Before cleaning and inspecting, gather the necessary supplies, including a microfiber cloth, water, detergent, a soft-bristled brush, and a flashlight. 

Safety First

Prioritize your safety. Wear protective clothes, safety glasses, and gloves, especially when using cleaning agents.  

Dust and Debris Removal

Start gently wiping the signs of dust and debris from the hinges door’s surface using a microfiber cloth. It will prevent dust accumulation that plays a vital role in causing damage to the door.   

Use Mild Detergent Solution:

Prepare a mild detergent for commercial door cleaning. Strong detergents can damage the finish. Dip the cloth in a mild detergent cleaner and wipe the door’s surface gently.

Focus on Hinges and Tracks

Give extra attention to hinges and tracks. These areas accumulate a lot of dust and grime, which affects the door’s operation. Use a soft-bristle brush and clean the hinges, track, and rollers for delicate operations.

Lubricate Your Commercial Door For Flawless Movement

Lubrication is very important to keep your door operations flawless. Lubricate the door hinges, rollers, and other moving parts regularly to increase the lifespan of the door mechanism. It also prevents screeching sounds when the door opens and closes.

Tips For Proper Lubrication:

Choose the Right Lubricant

Choose a lubricant that is suitable for all types of commercial doors. You can use silicone-based lubricant for plastic parts and grease for metal. Do not use petroleum lubricants and heavy oils because they attract dirt. 

Prepare the Area

Before starting lubrication, clean the area, wipe it properly, and then apply the lubricant so there will be no dust on the rollers, tracks, and hinges.

Safety Measures:

Wear safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from lubricant spills and splatters during the application.  

Apply Moderately:

Apply the lubricant in a moderate quantity. Do not overdose on it. You can use a nozzle-based lubricant bottle to apply only on specific areas. 

Regular Maintenance:

Include lubrication as a part of regular commercial door maintenance. Keep a record of lubrication to stay on top of maintenance needs.

Well-maintain Your Door’s Adjustment and Alignment

Check the adjustments and alignments of your commercial door regularly. Misaligned doors lead to premature wear and put a strain on door mechanics. Regular adjustments ensure smooth performance and avoid stress on its components.   

Tips for Adjusting and Aligning the Commercial Door

Check for Obstructions:

Before setting the alignment and making adjustments, ensure no obstructions are in the door’s path. Remove all the minor hindrances for a smooth adjustment.

Refer to Manufacturer Guidelines:

Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for adjustments and alignments of the specific type of commercial door. Follow the instructions and go ahead.

Inspect Tracks and Rollers

Check the tracks and rollers for signs of wear and tear, misalignment, or any potential damage. Ensure that rollers are moving smoothly without any hindrance and wobbling.

Loosen Fasteners

If you want to adjust the position of your commercial door, loosen the screws and bolts and hold the door in place and tighten them again. This is how you can adjust your door’s position without causing any damage.   

Balance and Tension

If your door opens with difficulty and you feel it a little heavy, adjust the door’s mechanism and tension to create proper balance.

Check Weather Sealing For Any Leaks and Holes

Weather sealing is essential to maintain energy efficiency and keep your premises protected. Inspect and remove the damaged seals and install new seals to prevent drafts, leaks, and energy loss.

Weather Sealing Tips For Commercial Doors

Inspect Regularly:

Inspect your door regularly for weather sealings. Check for sealing signs of wear and tear, gaps, and cracks.  

Replace Damaged Seals:

If you notice any damaged seals, replace them asap. Damaged seals compromise energy efficiency, weather protection and make a place to let the insects enter inside.   

Choose Quality Seals:

When you replace the damaged seals, use good quality seals explicitly designed for your commercial door type. Good quality seals will provide better protection and last longer.

Proper Installation:

If you install the seals yourself, do it properly by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Make sure that the seals are correctly aligned and adequately attached to the door and the door frame.

Seal All Gaps:

Smartly check all the gaps and seal them properly. Check the sides and corners of the door so the air, water, and draft cannot penetrate inside.

Get Professional Maintenance Service

You can follow the DIY tips to maintain your commercial door, but sometimes, you need professional help for high-end maintenance. For this, you can blindly trust Door Master New York

Our expert professionals have been in this field for over a decade and provide maintenance services for all commercial doors. They will check your door for signs of wear and tear, check the rollers and hinges, track maintenance, and ensure that it is not only operating well but looking flawless.

You can call us anytime for your commercial door maintenance in NYC,

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