How to Choose a Wood Door for a Contemporary Home?

Timmy Oliver

Timmy Oliver

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Contemporary designs cover everything popular in the current days.

Homes built on contemporary designs include curved lines, natural materials, clean styles, cool tones, and attention to quality.

For instance, the house from the Brady Bunch. It was a great example of a contemporary home many television producers cherished.

The house was sold for a staggering $3.5 million. Those who bought it restored the iconic home to its original glory.

Today, contemporary-styled homes are in fashion. If you’re a millennial, then it’s a choice you don’t want to miss out on.

Open concepts, plenty of light, and clean lines with simple designs are all too appealing.

And among all that, no contemporary house is complete unless it doesn’t have a complimenting door.

This article will help you learn how to choose a wood door for your contemporary home.

Buckle up, let’s read all about it.

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Wood Door for Modern Homes in NYC

Consider the architectural style: To begin with, you must check what type of architectural style your contemporary home have. See whether the style complements minimalism or modernism. Some homes have specific design elements relating to minimalism, while others are to modernism. It will help you better understand the type of wood door that will align with the existing architecture & whether it matches the feel of your home.

Determine the desired wood species: A wide variety of wood species with unique characteristics are available in the market. Some popular options for contemporary homes include maple, walnut, mahogany, oak, and many others. Choose a wood species that match the interior decor of your home. It includes the color, grain pattern, texture, and interior design requirements. Be careful when choosing a desired wood species.

Choose the door design: A sleek and simple door design works best in most contemporary homes. A door design with clean lines and a minimalistic aesthetic is what you require for your house. A good choice includes flush doors or doors with clean horizontal or vertical grooves as a popular choice. It’s best to avoid ornate or heavily carved designs that often clash with modern homes’ contemporary style.

Select the door finish: Decide on the finish that best suits your preferences and the overall style of your home. Options include stained finishes to enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain, painted finishes for a more modern and vibrant look, or a combination of both. Consider the existing color palette and choose a finish that harmonizes with it.

Consider glass elements: Many contemporary wood doors incorporate glass elements to allow natural light to enter their space. Besides, glass also adds a visual appeal to your interior decor. When it comes to glass, decide what type of glass is best for your house design. Some like privacy, others want more durability; either way, an annealed glass or frosted might get the job done. Consider both aesthetics as well as privacy when installing glass in the doors.

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Choose a Wood Door for Modern Homes with Door Master New York 

Choosing a door that fits your budget and has all the aesthetic appeal requirements can be daunting. Especially if you’re not well versed with wood quality, it’s best to let an expert assist you in picking one that matches your home’s contemporary style. At Door Master New York, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Unsure about the selection process or how to find the best door?

Call 917-979-4464 for a residential wood door installation. Consult a professional for interior door design and get the best guidance.

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