How Long Does It Take to Replace an Exterior Door? A Comprehensive Guide

Timmy Oliver

Timmy Oliver

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Replacing an exterior door can be an exciting home improvement project that enhances your home’s aesthetics and improves security and energy efficiency. However, before embarking on this project, it’s essential to understand how long it might take, as it can vary based on several factors. In this guide, we’ll break down the steps involved and provide a precise estimate of the time required to replace an exterior door.

Factors Affecting the Timeline

The following are the factors that can influence the time it takes to replace an exterior door:

Skill and Experience: The level of expertise of the person or team performing the replacement can significantly impact the timeline. Professionals with experience work more efficiently.

Type of Door: The type and complexity of the exterior door you’re installing will affect the time required. A standard pre-hung door may take less time than a custom-made, intricate door.

Frame Condition: The condition of the existing door frame plays a crucial role. The process will be faster if the frame is in good shape and doesn’t require repair or modification.

Additional Work: If additional work is needed, such as replacing damaged framing, adjusting the opening size, or adding insulation, it will add to the overall time.

Local Climate: Weather conditions can also impact the timeline. Working in extreme heat, cold, or rain may slow the process.

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Steps in Replacing an Exterior Door

Now, let’s outline the typical steps involved in replacing an exterior door and estimate the time required for each:

Preparation (1-2 hours): The first step involves measuring the existing door and selecting a replacement door. This also includes gathering the necessary tools and materials.

Remove Old Door (1-2 hours): Removing the old door, including removing the hinges hardware and stripping any weatherproofing materials, is essential. The condition of the frame is assessed during this step.

Frame Preparation (2-3 hours): If the door frame needs repair or modification, it can take some time to complete this step. Realigning, reinforcing, or replacing damaged portions may be necessary.

Install New Door (2-3 hours): Hanging the new door involves attaching it to the frame, ensuring it’s level and plumb, and securing it in place. This step varies depending on the type and complexity of the door.

Weatherproofing (1-2 hours): Installing weatherstripping, caulking, and sealing gaps around the door is crucial for energy efficiency and weather resistance.

Hardware Installation (1-2 hours): Installing locks, handles, and any additional hardware can take some time, depending on the complexity of the hardware.

Painting or Finishing (1-2 hours): This step adds extra time to paint or finish the door. You’ll need to allow for drying time between coats.

Clean-Up (1 hour): Properly disposing of old materials and cleaning the work area is essential for a finished look.

Total Estimated Time: 10-17 hours

How Can a Professional Company Help in Replacing the Exterior Door?

A professional company can be a valuable asset when replacing an exterior door for your home or business. Here are some ways in which they can assist you:

Expertise and Experience

Professional door replacement companies have trained and experienced technicians who understand the intricacies of door installation. They can assess your needs, offer recommendations, and execute the installation precisely.

Product Selection

They can help you choose the right exterior door for your needs. This includes considering factors such as material (wood, fiberglass, steel), style, energy efficiency, security features, and your budget.

Proper Measurements

Accurate measurements are crucial for a well-fitting door. Professionals will measure your door frame precisely to ensure the new door fits snugly, preventing drafts and security issues.


Professional installers have the necessary tools & skills to remove the old door and install the new one correctly. This includes aligning the door, securing it to the frame, and ensuring proper insulation and weatherstripping.


Professionals work efficiently and can complete the job promptly. This minimizes disruption to your daily routine and ensures the door is installed correctly the first time.

Warranty and Guarantees

Reputable companies typically offer warranties on their work and the products they install.


The time required to replace an exterior door can vary widely depending on various factors. A skilled professional can complete a typical replacement project in 1-2 days. Remember that DIY projects may take longer, especially if you need to become more experienced in carpentry and door installation.

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