How to Improve Accessibility with Automatic Doors?

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Automatic doors are more than a convenience now. They not only improve the look of a building but also help people to easily go in or out of it, including people who are using wheelchairs or walking aids.  

In this blog, you’re going to explore how automatic doors increase accessibility and what you should consider before automatic door installation in New York

Benefits of Automatic Doors for Accessibility


When too many people are entering or leaving the premises it gets frustrating to open and close the door again and again. The automatic doors can get rid of this headache as they can control their movement automatically. When automatic doors are applied the people traffic flows smoothly eventually reducing the wait time.  

Better Accessibility 

If someone is facing mobility problems and is unable to use their hands can easily navigate through the entrance without any assistance. Also, the automatic doors usually have a wider opening making it convenient for wheelchairs to pass through. 

Safety and Security

Security and safety come first with automatic gates. These doors have sensors built into them to identify impediments or unexpected objects in their path, helping to avoid mishaps and injuries. In order to prevent customers from becoming trapped, they also have safety features that guarantee the doors reopen when a barrier is detected.

Energy efficiency 

Another benefit of automatic doors is that they can help you improve energy efficiency and bring down power bills. They are designed to reduce heat loss during cold days as they are coded to close the doors swiftly when someone enters or leaves.  This prevents cold air from entering the building, reducing the workload on HVAC and thus lowering power consumption. The same is the case in summer.   

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Types of Automatic Doors and Accessibility Features

Automatic Swing Doors 

Automatic swing doors are an inexpensive way of getting into a building with automation. They are popular as they give everyone full-width access to the area. Because of this feature, we can often see such doors in such areas where a lot of goods need to enter the building. You’ll usually see automatic swing doors at: 

  • Hospitals as they need to accommodate beds and wheelchairs. 
  • Commercial buildings, they use’em for trollies. 
  • Sports grounds where high traffic is expected 

So, if you’re in a place where traffic flow can be unexpected, or you need to get in or out goods now, then the automatic swing doors can be a good option for you. The two types of automatic swing doors include: 

Fully Automatic Swing Door

These are the swing doors that don’t require any manual assistance as they have automatic sensors. Whenever the sensors detect any object coming towards it, it will automatically open the door for you. That’s why a fully automatic swing door is ideal for high-traffic areas. 

Semi-Automatic Swing Door

Unlike fully automated doors the semi-automatic doors require a manual button, key fob a push bar to open up. The main advantage of such doors is that they will not open accidentally like the fully automatic door would when an object gets too close to the sensor. 

Partially automatic swing doors are mostly used in locations where access is limited for certain people only like school sites. 

Automatic Sliding Door

Similar to swing doors, a sliding door system uses a sensor to determine when a person is approaching.  However, an automatic sliding door will not open into the area from which people approach. This is useful in areas where there is a lot of cross-traffic, like malls or entrances to buildings. 

Apart from single sliding doors, you can also find automatic telescopic sliding doors. They are mostly used in areas where you don’t have enough opening space. These doors are mostly installed in areas where foot traffic is high, such as small shops, hotels, etc. 

What Should You Consider Before Door Installation in New York

Consider your Needs

Before selecting your automatic door, consider the following questions: 

  • How much is foot traffic in the area? 
  • Do you need to carry goods in and out? 
  • What can be the best aesthetic preference? 

Now if you have a no for the first two options a sliding door will be a good option for you otherwise you can opt for the swing door. 

Safety Concerns 

The most important consideration when choosing automatic doors should always be safety. So, verify that the system of your selected door conforms with all applicable safety requirements and laws. Safety features should include an emergency stop button, safety beams, and motion sensors, which are critical for avoiding accidents and guaranteeing the health of everyone who’s using the door. 

How do Automatic Doors Help You Improve Accessibility? 

By implementing automatic doors, you can improve accessibility, enhance traffic flow, and contribute to a safer and more energy-efficient space. Consider the factors discussed here to select the most suitable automatic door system for your specific needs. Remember, a small change like an automatic door can make a big difference in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. 

Got more queries about door installation in New York? Feel free to discuss it with Door Master New York.  

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